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Spring 2023

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Restricted to Claremont Colleges Master's Thesis

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Islamic Studies, MA


School of Arts and Humanities

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Ruqayya Khan

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Nicola Denzey-Lewis

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Modern Egypt, Judicial aspects, Islamic conquest, Religious freedom

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Islamic Studies


This paper provides a holistic and comprehensive analysis of the concepts of conversion and apostasy in Egypt throughout history, including their historical, communal, social, and judicial aspects. The study begins by examining pre-Islamic conversions, followed by an analysis of the irregular conversion rates after the Islamic conquest of Egypt. The paper also explores the treatment of apostasy across different Islamic dynasties and its conflation with blasphemy. In the modern world, the paper highlights the difficulties faced by Christian converts in Egypt and the impact of personal status laws on religious freedom. By bridging the gap between pre-modern and modern Egypt, the paper aims to provide a deeper understanding of the complexity of these issues and promote religious freedom and tolerance in Egyptian society. The paper serves as a starting point for further research and dialogue on this topic.