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Summer 2023

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Open Access Dissertation

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Mathematics, PhD


Institute of Mathematical Sciences

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Lenny Fukshansky

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Michael Orrison

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Allon Percus

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Jeffrey D. Vaaler

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Diophantine approximation, geometry of numbers, height functions, lattices, number theory, polynomials

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We treat several problems related to the existence of lattice extensions preserving certain geometric properties and small-height zeros of various multilinear polynomials. An extension of a Euclidean lattice $L_1$ is a lattice $L_2$ of higher rank containing $L_1$ so that the intersection of $L_2$ with the subspace spanned by $L_1$ is equal to $L_1$. Our first result provides a counting estimate on the number of ways a primitive collection of vectors in a lattice can be extended to a basis for this lattice. Next, we discuss the existence of lattice extensions with controlled determinant, successive minima and covering radius. In the two-dimensional case, we also present some observations about the deep holes of a lattice as elements of the quotient torus group. Looking for basis extensions additionally connects to a search for small-height zeros of multilinear polynomials, for which we obtain several results over arbitrary number fields. These include bounds for a system of polynomials under appropriate hypotheses, as well as for a single polynomial with some additional avoidance conditions. In addition to several height inequalities that we need for these bounds, we obtain a new absolute version of Siegel's lemma which is proved using only linear algebra tools.



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