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Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management

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This study attempts to look at the managerial implications of pre-impact and post-impact performance differences for individuals struck in the head with an object. Pitchers at the major league level of baseball whom have been struck in the head with a batted baseball are used as a generalized analog for society due to the available statistics produced by on field performance. This study hypothesizes that pitchers will perform statistically worse in the short term after being struck in the head by a batted baseball. A scale of pitcher marginal revenue product was produced for each pitching role deployed in a professional match to identify key statistics related to free agent salary contract offers. Pre-impact and post-impact performance statistics related to salary offers of pitchers were then analyzed to see if a difference existed within key metrics that defined salary offers for each specific role. A significant difference was not found in the pre-impact and post-impact performance of pitchers with respect to the scale of pitcher marginal revenue product produced, indicating that those who suffered such fate were not affected by incidents that would cause them to perform at a level less than expected when salary was negotiated.



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