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Engineering and Industrial Applied Mathematics Joint PhD with California State University Long Beach, PhD


Institute of Mathematical Sciences

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Hen-Geul Yeh

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Seok-Chul Kwon

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Marina Chugunova

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Allon Percus

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Channel Capacity, Communication System, Optimization, Power Grid, Smart Grid, Wireless Communication

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Engineering | Mathematics


Optimization can be found in all aspects of engineering. From digital signal processing (DSP) to antenna analysis, optimization is used to design digital filter and antenna beamforming. In this research, we have applied optimization to engineering technologies that have great impact to society such as the Power Grid and Wireless Communication. The utilization of power grid enables usage of renewable resources, power outage and failure prevention, energy savings/efficiency, electric vehicles (EVs) charging/discharging, and smart devices scheduling. The driving technology that makes smart grid possible is wireless communication. Utilization of wireless communication provides home networking, mobile phone services, and space communication. With optimization available as mathematical tools, we have been able to optimize the power grid operations by minimizing power loss and maintaining voltage fluctuation within bounds while integrating energy storage into the grid. In addition to optimizing the power grid, we have also applied optimization in wireless communication by maximizing the capacity of wireless channel while taking practical aspect of polarization-agile antennas into account.