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Exposome, mobile application, Persuasive

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Science and Technology Studies


Exposome is a new concept that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century to complement genome research. The exposome encompasses the entirety of a person’s environmental exposures from birth to death. This study focused on environmental rather than genetic factors that are related to chronic diseases. It had two phases. Phase 1 involved building a regression model aimed at investigating the influence of various indicators on cancer cases in Los Angeles County. The investigation of the potential correlation between the cancer cases based on census tract data and the exposome factors follows an exploratory approach. Multiple regression stepwise analysis (using SPSS) are reported and discussed. Phase 2 aimed to design, build, and evaluate a mobile-based and text message awareness campaign artifact based on the results of the regression model built in Phase 1. I utilized the Geller proenvironmental model to govern the design requirements of the proposed artifacts to educate people on the exposome factors resulting from the regression model that correlated with cancer cases in Los Angeles County. Novel persuasive technology techniques were utilized within the system artifact. This technology uses direct and indirect persuasion routes for delivering interventions. First, the mobile application indirectly persuades users through providing educational videos and an e-fotonovela. Second, text messages directly persuade users by providing supportive tips. A one-way between subjects ANOVA was conducted to compare the effect of three methods of persuasion on presenting information to increase awareness. A significant effect was present at the p < .05 level for the three conditions [ F (2)= 6.056, p = 0.007]. A post hoc Tukey test indicated that Group A and Group B differed significantly at p < .05; and Group A and Group C differed significantly at p < .05; Group C was not significantly different from Group B. This study contributed to the body of knowledge through providing a solution that aims to raise the awareness level about the concept of exposome.