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Jean Schroedel

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During Trump’s Administration, he has a very strong tension of preventing Chinese companies and impressively he launched a series of unprecedented actions to raise tariffs against China. He shows the Trumpian discourse has used foreign policy as a weapon for production of a populist electoral coalition. Until the end of 2019, the newly duties cover proximately 13% of US imports. It is true that new US tariffs had the potential to benefit some American workers, who now faced less competition with imports. But trading partners immediately responded with tariff retaliation, especially against US agricultural exports, which harmed US workers in other parts of the economy. The US agricultural sector was so hard-hit that by the summer of 2018, the Trump administration announced a $12 billion subsidy to compensate some of the adversely affected US farmers. The November 2018 midterm election results shows that 40 seats lost by Republican. Trade war is a major issue in this election and one of voter’s biggest concern. Above all, this paper tries to find evidence if liberal democracy has collapse and estimates that trade war has influence on pivotal districts shift seats to Democrats. Additionally, policy should be take into consideration to prevent this possible trend.