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Psychology, PhD


School of Social Science, Politics, and Evaluation

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Rebecca J. Reichard

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Michelle C. Bligh

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Michelle M. Hammond

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controlled processing, deficits-based feedback, emotions, leader development, leader identity, strengths-based feedback

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Organizational Behavior and Theory | Psychiatry and Psychology


The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the relationship between feedback and leader identity, particularly the impact of deficits-based versus strengths-based feedback. This dissertation consists of two empirical studies: 1) a cross-sectional, online experiment (N = 280) and 2) a cross-sectional, field experiment (N = 177). I examined the impact of feedback on leader identity through the mechanisms of cognitive controlled processing and effort. I found that receiving leadership feedback was important in shaping leader identity. Specifically, feedback that focused on leadership strengths increased new leaders’ positive emotions, which positively influenced their leader identity. However, feedback that highlighted leadership weaknesses increased levels of cognitive controlled processing (i.e., time spent processing feedback messages), which positively influenced their effort but not their leader identity. Regardless, both feedback approaches positively influenced leader identity development processes compared to participants who received no feedback. This research contributes to leader development literature by expanding our understanding of how feedback influences leader identity through cognitive and affective pathways. Results from this research signify that new leaders should have access to their leadership feedback, and both feedback approaches should be carefully incorporated and used in leader development processes.