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demographic shift, faculty attitudes, faculty diversification, race-based resistance, rank-based resistance, readiness for change

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Higher Education | Organizational Behavior and Theory


The national demographic is changing, and institutions of higher education must prepare to change if they are to meet the needs of their new population. Identifying change readiness and potential resistance factors are primary steps in motivating organizational change. This study will investigate the academy’s organizational readiness for change using historical analysis to ascertain: 1) does the demographic mismatch require a change? 2) is faculty diversification the best solution to the demographic mismatch? And statistical analyses to determine: 3) the extent to which faculty feel they benefit or are harmed by faculty diversification? 4) does administration tangibly support development of a diverse faculty? 5) do faculty stakeholders believe faculty diversification is possible? An examination of historical data will yield a partial picture of organizational readiness however to understand how stakeholders perceive harm or benefit, a survey of institutional actors/gatekeepers is necessary to investigate potential areas of resistance toward successful faculty diversification efforts. Analysis revealed that more non-white faculty perceive a benefit to faculty diversification than white faculty members and more non-white faculty believe the academy can diversify than white faculty members.