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afropessmism, anti-blackness, Black males, community college, student-athletes

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Claremont Graduate University and San Diego State University: 2022This study investigated the lived experiences of Black male student-athletes (BMSAs) participating in football and basketball at a community college. Their psycho-social-emotional experiences and development were emphasized before, during, and after college. The study deployed Afropessimism to frame the experiences of BMSAs; as such, I assumed that the continued violence against Black people was a physical projection of a psychic and emotional web sustained by the othering of Blackness or anti-Blackness. This study was informed by the primary research question: How does anti-Blackness produce itself in community college athletics? Prior research on the experiences of BMSAs has centralized the economic exploitation of student-athletes in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football and basketball. A phenomenological design was used to explore the production of anti-Black racial violence experienced by BMSAs participating in community college football and basketball. Analysis of the experiences of Black males in community college revealed severe problems that generally do not control for the unique experiences of student-athletes and problematize institutional culture.



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