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economic development, export concentration, global economy

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Economics | Political Science


As the global economy has become interconnected, international trade has become a common medium for developing and developed countries to interact. However, there is a gap in the scholarly literature when considering the effects of export diversification. The goal of this dissertation is to study and identify the relationship between export concentration and economic development in developing countries. Data were collected from the International Monetary Fund World Bank for quantitative analysis. Using mediator analysis and these mediators included export volatility (export instability), net barter (terms of trade), and current account balance (competitiveness). The findings from the quantitative analysis revealed that export diversification has a significant positive direct effect on economic development when considering the model with export volatility mediation. For the case study, three countries (Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) were analyzed, examining how factors impact economic development in each case and highlighting the factors contributing to sustainable economic development in emerging economies. The findings support how the structure of an economy, as represented by its export diversification, can influence both the development trajectory and the volatility of a country's economy.