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This essay will address the topic of leadership and OPFOR networks. This subject area has suffered from quite a bit of neglect yet has great homeland security potentials. For law enforcement purposes, this represents an important topic because gaining an understanding of one’s opponents and their organizational and leadership approaches is the first step in achieving mastery and dominance over them. The primary reason for the neglect of this topic it is that it requires interdisciplinary knowledge concerning three distinct areas of study— leadership, OPFORs, and networks— and their subsequent analytical fusion. It is the intent of this essay to draw upon each of these areas of study and suggest strategies and methods that may be used to better understand their interrelationships and possibly open new lines of research. At the same time, when applicable, the focus will be upon how these may pertain to the Al Qaeda network.


The content of this document represents the views of Robert J. Bunker and does not represent the official position of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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