The College Science Improvement Program: An Empirical Evaluation

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Educational Studies (CGU)

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Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Science and Mathematics Education


Longitudinal data on a national sample of undergraduates, along with institutional data, were used in a study of the College Science Improvement Program of the National Science Foundation. In Phase 1, the characteristics of institutions which received COSIP grants were examined. It was found that these institutions were more selective, more affluent, and had a higher percentage of Ph.D.''s on the faculty than nonrecipients. In Phase 2, the relationships between COSIP support and a variety of student outcomes were analyzed while controlling for initial, potentially biasing differences. Among the findings: students in schools which had received COSIP grants were more likely to aspire toward the Ph.D. and to plan on doing research and were less likely to transfer out of that college.

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