Do I Trust You to Lead the Way? Exploring Trust and Mistrust in Leader-Follower Relations.

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Drucker School of Management (CGU)

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Leadership Studies


This chapter provides a review of theoretical and empirical articles that highlight the importance of trust as a core cognitive and affective process in the dynamic leadership-followership relationship. The chapter first reviews previous work that explicitly addresses the role of trust in the leadership relationship, emphasizing that trust is a critical foundation for effective exchange-based and motivational leader-follower relationships. It then turns to empirical and theoretical work that explores the antecedents and consequences of trust in leader-follower relations, exploring what factors predict when trust is more or less likely to develop, as well as the differential outcomes that result from trusting dyads versus mistrustful dyads, where trust can act as an important buffer against negative workplace experiences. Subsequently, the chapter explores relatively less-studied topics, including when and why leaders trust followers, the dynamic transfer of trust between leaders and followers, and mistrust and trust repair.

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