Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #27: Sicarios Use a Jet Ski for Beach Front Targeted Killing in Acapulco.

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Two sicarios (assassins) on a jet ski—an operator and a shooter—engage in a targeted killing of a clothing salesman in a beach front tourist area. The shooter got off the jet ski, swam to shore, and with a 9mm pistol put three rounds into the clothing salesman’s chest which subsequently killed him. The shooter then swam back to the jet ski and the pair of sicarios made their escape along the rocky coastline towards either Playa Tlacopanocha or Playa Manzanillo. The Mexican police did not arrive for an hour after the incident even though the police station was relatively close to crime scene. A police boat called in to locate the fleeing sicarios arrived seventy minutes after the shooting and was unable to locate them.

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