Longitudinal Analysis of Weight Perception and Psychological Factors in Chinese Adolescents

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Community and Global Health (CGU)

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Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition | Medicine and Health Sciences


Objectives : To investigate associations of overweight status and perception with trajectories of psychological distress in adolescents.

Methods : Longitudinal data for 6970 Chinese adolescents were included. The multivariate curve-of-factor latent growth curve models were adopted to examine trajectories of psychological distress symptoms and associations with overweight status and perception.

Results : After controlling for actual overweight status, psychological distress symptoms were weakly but significantly associated with overweight perception ( = 0.08 for boys and = 0.10 for girls, P < 0.05) and misperception ( = 0.06 for boys and = 0.09 for girls, P < 0.05).

Discussion : Our findings help understanding associations of overweight perception and psychological well being of adolescents.

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