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There Be Dragons

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The frames of the sculptures are drawings in space, mimicking biological structures. The first piece is made out of a series of steel curves that thread through an over sized aluminum chain. The spine arcs up and outward pulled, supported, and restrained by a graph of black cord on the ceiling and walls of the room. Streaks of colored fabric run through it, creeping out onto the floor. Elsewhere, a blue line falls in a slight spiral from the ceiling, bound and weighed down by its undulating exterior of black plastic straps. Screws keep the straps in place and the form spiked armor.

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This artwork is the sole creation of artist Jacqueline Bell Johnson, copyright © 2013. Photo Credit: Devon Tsuno. This artwork or its image may not be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system without prior written permission of the artist and in no case for profit.

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steel, sculpture, installation, craft, wood, fabric, plastic, spine, ribs, art, MFA Thesis Show

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