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Tequila Sunrise

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Green 72 X 72 Oil on Canvas David Amico 1986

Pylons Steel, Socks, Rags, Zip ties, AC Ship Vents (various models), Incense, OJ Various Sizes Paper Stacks Xerox Paper, 30,000 Sheets (each)

Ark of the Covenant Windshield Sun Reflectors, Stainless Rack, Xerox Paper 5000 Sheets, Kim Alexander Drawings (unknown quantity 5000 or less), Rags, Socks Collaboration 2011

Varsity Jackets: Felt, Leather, Cotton, Wool Concoction Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Space Bags Various Sizes Transgressions Photo Paper, Wire

Complicit Household Cleaning Products (Various), Steel Baptism Table, Tarry Cloth, Tequila

Tequila Sunrise Table, Tequila, Grenadine, OJ, Ice, Clear Plastic Cups

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