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Tutti Frutti

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My reliance on the exhibition space as an activator for art has become a vehicle for addressing the building as the art not the backdrop for the art. If the gallery is white and unpleasant it can be covered like a canvas or a body. Dressing the building, like dressing my body is an extension of my person as mark making is to the painter. Art without true utilitarian function resulting from material desire is analogous to the body and its lack of political power. Why should the objectified body be worse off than the object? I can make the Cartier bracelet, which sits on the wrist, be seen as no different than the (fill-in-the-blank) painting above the couch.

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Girl Puke, Architecture, Site-Specificity, Feminism, Institutional Critique, demarcation, jewelry, decor, body, landscaping, fashion, Viennese Successionist, Art Deco, geodesic dome, champagne, Cartier, tutti frutti, Art, MFA Thesis Show


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