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Spring 5-16-2015

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

David Amico

Second Advisor

Rachele Lachowicz

Third Advisor

Carmine Iannaccone

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My works present the inherent nature of space and light. A chemical process is approached in a way, which has similarly quality to a natural process. I’m interested in how the material can change itself and how I can manipulate that change. Transparency, reflection, pattern, harmony, and movement are engaged.

I use a wide range of materials as much as to match my ideas and the form. They are presented in simple, unified or repeating forms. There is a physical, innermost satisfaction in the activity of working with simple materials. I materialize them and allow them to be both real and imaginative: visually compelling, intellectually intriguing and emotionally resonant. By manipulating and experimenting with materials, I watch for the moment that the material responds to actions and initiates new actions.

I’m interested in making multiple layers painting. By mixing various mediums, a chemically react with each other creates unusual patterns and textures. The relationship between each layer suggests a different view of my surroundings, both external and internal. Something unimaginable always occurs. Empty space is held together by an observer experiencing it. But the transparency quality also allows layers and colors to blend together in an unpredictable way, sometimes creating harmony, sometimes deferring it. This union suggests a learning and accumulating process than the actual object, perhaps infinite. I want my works to counteract rigidity and to invite viewers to experience contemplative inconsistencies.

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