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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Carmine Iananconne

Second Advisor

Anne Brey

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Michael Reafsnyder

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© 2015 W. Levon Davis


I’m not of this world, but since I’m here I will do everything I can to live out my purpose; to tell stories that validate, affirm, and make people that look like me visible. Every culture has its storytellers. I translate written stories into images. Those stories can be in the form of a poem, song, novel, or play. The stories are works that I create. I often find my greatest inspiration starts from reading literary works. I am constantly seeking ways to make sure that Black people, especially Black women, are visually represented. Since my background is in poetry, both written and performance; my images move like poems. My work can be described as the Harlem Renaissance meeting the present. You can see Jazz and the Blues. You can hear the echoes of my family that traveled the red dirt roads in Mississippi. You can see the Southside of Chicago because that’s where I’m from.

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