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Spring 5-13-2017

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Rachel Lachowicz

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Carmine Iannaccone

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David Amico

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© 2017 Letian Luo


My work started out originating from my dreams, but recently it has moved away from that source. To make the cut outs, I would scribble on the back of a small sheet of scarp paper. Then I discovered that if I cut out the scribble, it become more interesting than the dream work. So I developed the scribbles further. I enlarged them, made them more complex and gestural, and then cut them out, meticulously and with painstaking attentiveness. The process allowed me to draw with knife. I very enjoy the process of me making the cut outs. It got increasingly elaborate, almost mural-scale. It takes more time and gives me greater pleasure.

The relationship between positive and negative space is important. I make more by taking away more. The more I cut the better result I get. It is important because in the real world, usually the more we take the less it remain.

My paper cuts create a very quiet space. There is a calming quality in the paper’s relationship to the white wall. That quietness contrasts dramatically to the noisy world we live in. my works provide an island of respite from color, and noise, inviting viewers to contemplate something different.

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