Date of Award

Spring 4-3-2018

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

David Amico

Second Advisor

Anne Bray

Third Advisor

Michael Reafsnyder

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© 2018 Jian Liang


My work is an exploration of the body in obscurity. The understanding of my own cultural identity, gender, and sexuality lead up to the work in this show. The work is a metaphor for the complex identity that I experience, and a discovery of the queer, marginal space that I am in as a person, as a painter, as an artist.

The term “raw” refers not only to the sensuous bodies depicted in my work, but also the body of the physical material. The paintings question the intimate relationship between bodies, and the bodies’ internal as well as external spaces. With my interest in the fluidity of the body and flesh, the paintings have a raw, unresolvable quality. They are literal; they are abstract. They are obscured; they are solid. They are bodies, and they are atmospheres.

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