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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Michael Brewster

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Katie Grinnan

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Michael Reafsnyder

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© 2014 Gabriel L. Perez


I create from everyday items, coming from everyday people. I do not think that what I create is too difficult for anyone to understand but I know that although I created it, it eludes me. Plastic containers, disposables, and clothing reach out to eyes that see them differently. I’m not trying to make people see things differently; I’m just trying to make you look. Call it theatrics but with a history of various performance experiences, I am not above pulling a cheap trick to get your attention. Nor will I shun the lingo and logic of decoration since I am already using its tools. The further I extend my understanding of what is art and how to make it, the more people it can reach. This may sound stupidly simple but so is connection and combination.

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