Date of Award

Spring 4-15-2014

Degree Type


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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

David Amico

Second Advisor

Carmine Iannaccone

Third Advisor

Anne Bray

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© 2014 Vera Bauluz


I make sacred objects from scratch, from ready mades, from industrial materials, and sometimes from trash or recycling. I treat those objects with love and reverence to embed them with essence and soul. I propose conversations with objects exquisitely executed, that question our social order and the machine, easily understood by everybody, although still challenging our understanding of contemporary art.

The placement of the work and the lighting, as fundamental part of the installation, attempts to generate strokes of conscience that enhance human understanding and capabilities beyond a specific discourse.

Humor and sacred coexist in my installation and in my pieces in the same way as in my understanding of the world. This work aim to up lift the viewer and make her a little bit happier and deeper human.

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