Date of Award

Spring 2014

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Michael Brewster

Second Advisor

Katie Grinnan

Third Advisor

Carmine Iannaccone

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© 2014 Paul Kelley


These works are slices, reflections and projections of life. They celebrate what seems humdrum and humble. With stripped-down almost deadpan effects that are nearly as dull as the objects, my works lie somewhere between 2D and 3D, blurring the lines of physical space with the digital. The spatial and sculptural qualities that they attain induce a playful illusion in the moment of trying to make sense of what the eye sees. With a bit of precision, it is vital to make use of the negative space and align animations and digitally repeated forms with objects to retain believability, normality and a sense of realism. Accentuating the slight differences and incongruities in form and motion is important. Rather than exaggerating shape, scale and proportion to the point of over-dramatization, I set up parameters that are determined by the size and layout of the items and the distance between wall and object and object and projector so that they stay relative to their actual size, keeping in line with the notion of ordinary.

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