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Let K be a number field, Q, or the field of rational functions on a smooth projective curve over a perfect field, and let V be a subspace of KN where N≥ 2. Let ZK be a union of varieties defined over K such that VZK. We prove the existence of a point of small height in V \ ZK, providing an explicit upper bound on the height of such a point in terms of the height of V and the degree of hypersurface containing ZK, where dependence on both is optimal. This generalizes and improves upon the results of Fukshansky (2006) [6,7]. As part of our argument, we provide a basic extension of the function field version of Siegel's lemma (Thunder, 1995) [21] to an inequality with inhomogeneous heights. As a corollary of the method, we derive an explicit lower bound for the number of algebraic integers of bounded height in a fixed number field.


This article is related to a lecture by the author: "Algebraic points of small height missing a union of varieties," given during the Western Number Theory Conference in Fort Collins, CO, December 2008.

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