Haptic Integration of Planar Size with Hardness, Texture, and Planar Contour.

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Psychology (CMC)

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Three experiments involving a total of 75 college students investigated the role of size information in haptic classification of custom-made planar objects when size covaries with hardness, texture, or planar contour. Exp 1 showed facilitation of classification by redundant (RD) size and shape cues, indicating the coprocessing of size and shape. Exps 2 and 3 used a withdrawal paradigm: Classification trials began with 2 RD properties, and 1 was then held constant (withdrawn). Exp 2 showed that when size and shape were RD, withdrawal of either impaired responses, whereas when size was RD with texture or hardness, only size withdrawal had an effect. Exp 3 demonstrated that this size weighting was not restricted to a single procedure for exploration.

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