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I present an empirical model that is based upon the findings of both the conceptual and empirical models of previous research. I first control for independent property, location, macroeconomic and capital market specific variables on the dependent variables that takes on the form of both the cap rate and sales price. Next I introduce two new variables that represent the transaction constraint and the default risk of the tenant. I find that the variable market which represents the time an individual property is on the market is statistically significant and has a negative coefficient of when regressed on sales price and a positive coefficient when regressed on the cap rate. When the market variable is further broken into bins, I found that the time on the market does not negatively impact a property unless it is in fact on the market for over 2 years. When the variable representing a tenant’s default risk is regressed on the cap rate I found the tenants probability of default to be statistically significant with a negative coefficient. This result is counter intuitive and most likely represents the data set being controlled for investment grade credit rated tenants.

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