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Illegal immigration incurs tremendous economic, social, and humanitarian costs for Europe and the Maghreb countries. Previous literature on illegal immigration focuses on “coping” (border security, repatriation, and rescue) and “resolving” (social integration of immigrants). This thesis attempts to direct the European policymakers’ attention to “preventing” policy model. In essence, the prevention model seeks to reduce the incentives of the Maghreb people to migrate.

The thesis focuses on analyzing the migration pattern in Morocco, and its implications for Spain and Italy. Based on Morocco’s two-track migration pattern, the thesis argues that rural development could reduce the incentives of internal migration, and urban development could reduce the incentives of migration abroad. Finally, the thesis analyzes official development assistance (ODA) to Morocco from Spain, Italy, and the European Commission. The analysis shows that their development efforts do little to discourage Moroccans’ incentives to migrate. The thesis recommends that the Spanish and Italian governments adjust their development assistance in a way that targets either one of the two migration tracks.

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