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This paper conducts rankings on political science and public administration journals based on a database of citations for all articles within a set of 200 journals, during 2010-2013. This paper contributes to prior literature within the realm of Political Science, by tabulating journal rankings through non-traditional means. While rankings of political science and public administration journals have traditionally been dominated by a survey-based approach, recent advancements in technology have allowed researchers to conduct more subjective rankings based upon a bibliometric approach. However, the majority of these citational rankings utilize obscure metrics, which do not correspond directly to the number of citations a potential author can expect.

This paper attempts to provide readers with more concrete metrics, which translate directly to how many citations an author can expect. This study tabulates journals based on three main metrics: Median Number of Citations, Citation Percentage, and 90th Percentile of Citations. This study identifies Transportation Research Part B, American Political Science Review, International Organization, American Journal of Political Science and Transportation Research Part A, as the top five journals within the set of 200 political science and public administration journals.

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