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Mathematical Sciences

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Deanna Needell

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This work develops novel algorithms for incorporating prior-support information into the field of One-Bit Compressed Sensing. Traditionally, Compressed Sensing is used for acquiring high-dimensional signals from few linear measurements. In applications, it is often the case that we have some knowledge of the structure of our signal(s) beforehand, and thus we would like to leverage it to attain more accurate and efficient recovery. Additionally, the Compressive Sensing framework maintains relevance even when the available measurements are subject to extreme quantization. Indeed, the field of One-Bit Compressive Sensing aims to recover a signal from measurements reduced to only their sign-bit. This work explores avenues for incorporating partial-support information into existing One-Bit Compressive Sensing algorithms. We provide both a rich background to the field of compressed sensing and in particular the one-bit framework, while also developing and testing new algorithms for this setting. Experimental results demonstrate that newly proposed methods of this work yield improved signal recovery even for varying levels of accuracy in the prior information. This work is thus the first to provide recovery mechanisms that efficiently use prior signal information in the one-bit reconstruction setting.


  • 2015 CMC Best Thesis Award – Mathematics