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Socioeconomic changes in American society over the past few decades, as well as an overwhelming amount of uncertainty and misconceptions, have resulted in a majority of Americans to fall short of their financial goals in the short-term, the mid-term, and the long-term. Without proper preparation and financial planning, it is likely that these Americans, and many more, will be unable to reach these goals as well as retire comfortably. Many Americans are overwhelmed with the immense amount of financial information, tools and resources, and as a consequence are unable to plan their finances efficiently and effectively. Americans need a better understanding as to which financial tools are most relevant to their goals, and the proper procedure to initiate a comprehensive financial plan for themselves. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks to each of the components of a comprehensive financial plan, and how they relate and complement each other, of a financial plan will greatly improve the numbers of Americans who are easing their way to a more financially predictable future.