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Bachelor of Arts


American Studies

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Tamara Venit-Shelton

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This senior thesis studies the evolution and ideals of several populations in Los Angeles through the lens of car culture. The automobile is a symbol of expression and upon analyzing it, a great deal can be revealed about its owner. Los Angeles is home to the hot rodding, lowriding, and import tuning car movements. All three major car cultures were born from a marginalized youth population. The three movements shed light on the sentiments and assimilation process of the various ethnic communities that created the car culture. This essay will show how each movement not only influenced one another, but also the car industry as a whole. Additionally, this essay examines how advancements in technology have led the current millennial generation to form a mass youth culture. The mass youth culture of the present day is much different than the young populations of past time periods, and that is reflected when analyzing modern day car culture.