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Spring 2011

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts

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Gabriel Cook

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An analysis of the effect of passing vehicles’ characteristics and their impact on other drivers’ velocities was investigated. Three experimental studies were proposed and likely outcomes were discussed. Experiment 1 focused on the effect of passing vehicle type (SUV, sedan or truck) on driver speed. Drivers were hypothesized as going faster when the same vehicle type as they were driving passed them versus when no vehicle or a different vehicle passed them. Experiment 2 focused on the effect of passing SUV age on driver’s speed. Evidence suggests passing older SUVs will increase the driver’s speed more than new SUVs. Experiment 3 focused on the effect of passing SUV color on speed. Drivers were hypothesized to go faster when brighter colors (red and yellow) rather than cooler colors (grey and black) were painted on the vehicle.