Being Green: One and Done

Graduation Year

Spring 2011

Document Type

Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



Reader 1

Craig Bowman

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© 2011 Katherine Wernet


This study aims to understand the extent to which Prius owners are susceptible to single action bias, a phenomenon that occurs when one executes an initial, single action to solve a particular problem and then ceases to take further action. Here, participants were of two groups – Prius owners and non-Prius owners. It was hypothesized that Prius owners would, in fact, be less likely to perform smaller, easier green tasks (such as recycling) than those who did not own the hybrid – simply because they believed they have already done their part for the environment. Results failed to allow a rejection of null hypothesis. Further explored in the non-Prius group was recycling as the initial, single action, and a significant positive spillover effect was seen. Concern for the environment, regardless of car ownership, was a significant factor in green behavior. The Prius as a public statement of one‟s attitude is discussed.

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