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A disturbing average of 600 Palestinian children are prosecuted by Israeli military courts every year. Three fourths of the children experience some form of physical violence during their arrest, interrogation, and/or detention. On the contrary, Jewish Israeli children never face the brutality of a military court system with a 99.74% conviction rate of Palestinian minors. The aim of this thesis is to examine the “legal” systems responsible for discriminatorily incarcerating an average of 200 children in military jails on a monthly basis. Central questions to my thesis ask: is this behavior legal and legitimate by Israeli legal standards? Can the same be said about the standards set by international law? What defines and distinguishes a legal system? Finally, how should we punish children, if at all? This thesis argues there is a severe lack of legality and legitimacy behind Israel’s rampant and unrestricted incarceration of Palestinian minors, be it by Israeli or international measures.

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