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Over the next few decades, urban populations in Pakistan and India are projected to increase by 350 million. Considered to be a critical driver of economic modernization and sociopolitical progress, urbanization can catalyze numerous benefits. However, the extent to which it proves beneficial is contingent on the manner in which national and sub-national leaders respond to the multitude of challenges associated with urban spatial expansion and population growth. This thesis outlines key policy priorities for Indian and Pakistani leaders and puts forth recommendations that aim to optimize urban expansion for greater prosperity and livability. It employs a comprehensive set of methodologies to examine the true extent and characteristics of urbanization in India and Pakistan. On the basis of existing and projected dynamics of urbanization and identification of key factors that currently impede the leveraging of urbanization, it offers a range of policy proposals that aim to leverage urban growth through optimizing urban planning processes and governance, urban mobility and the spatial distribution of urban populations.

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