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Among the smart technologies - smart devices, smart cars, smart homes, smart cities - why has only the smartphone gained worldwide appeal? The aim of this paper is to explore the barriers faced by smart cities and smart homes, and highlight why the two applications of IoT have not gained significant traction despite a decade of promise. Significantly larger in scale than the smart home, the smart city is more constrained by the technical limits of IoT technology due to resource-limited nodes. Therefore this paper will explore the technical hurdles common in the smart city sphere and evaluate potential solutions. On the other side of the spectrum, the use of IoT in the home can be a deeply personal decision. From a business perspective, the smart home market grows increasingly crowded as ambitious entrepreneurs are all looking to claim a piece of an ever-expanding pie. The smart home section will strive to unpack these complex social and business dynamics, suggesting ways to expand and retain a larger user-base.

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