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This thesis investigates the role that specific cultural dimensions – such as individualism and masculinity - play in shaping the extended identity of global F&B brands. It explores the link between individualism and brand identity in nations that differ based on their position on the individualism spectrum. It further analyzes the relation between a global brand’s identity in a specific country and that country’s position on the masculinity spectrum. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s Italian, British, Thai and Portuguese website homepages were used as units of analysis for extended brand identities. Conclusions suggested that the more individualistic the target market, the greater the emphasis on individualistic values in branding content. Similarly, the more collectivistic the target market, the greater the emphasis on collectivistic values. This thesis examines the reasons for these findings. Similar links were not observed between the position of a country on the masculinity dimension and a brand’s identity. It is possible this is to gradual shifts of traditionally masculine societies toward feminist ideals.

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