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Jefferson Huang

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Innovating for Sleeker, Greener, Friendlier Rides critiques the ethical implications behind the meaning of sustainability in the surfboard manufacturing industry because surfers by origin have a kinship with the environment. First the paper discovers the origins of surfers, how surfing became a sport, and who are the major influencers in the industry. Second, this thesis analyzes three different sustainability approaches, repurpose, reduce, and self-sustainment. Repurpose method examines to decrease the amount CO2 in inputs and outputs of materials throughout surfboard construction. Reduce method innovates surfboard that are more durable so that there are less wasted surfboards going into landfills. Self-sustainment practices a variant of permaculture to construct surfboards out of only natural materials from the earth in order to diminish non-ecofriendly byproducts. Thirdly, the conversation regards towards permaculture as the better option, which requires comprehensive experiments to produce materials meeting the performance of non-sustainable resources. Lastly, the thesis provides areas of research for possible raw materials and a way to implement into the industry.

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