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International Relations

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Jennifer Taw

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This thesis explores interorganizational cooperation as a tool for grassroots expansion. It focuses on the importance of grounding development work in grassroots perspectives, while acknowledging the structural and practical limitations to this that exist inherently in the organization of the international system and in the nature of development actors. In order to address these limitations, it analyzes the resources, methods, and missions of development actors. It uses this analysis to demonstrate how coordination maximize resources and enables actors to increase their impact. Through a structural analysis of international, national, and local actors and development practices, this paper assesses where there is room in the international system for cooperation. To measure this question it lays out the underlying nature of the international system and the implications it inherently has that complicate interorganizational cooperation and grassroots expansion. Through the case of the Green Belt Movement, this paper investigates the potential for grassroots expansion. This case study demonstrates where there is room for cooperation by illustrating relevant collaborative projects. The Green Belt Movement specifically examines the potential for coordination in Kenya for climate justice, women’s rights, and community empowerment.

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