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This paper aims to explore and discuss the points found in published research articles addressing cellphone usage and addiction. The articles vary in their emphasis, methods, and conclusions, but all focus in one way or another on how the advent of cellphone usage has caused addiction in many cellphone and smartphone users. Many of these studies involve looking at college students and teenagers to see how addiction and cellphone usage has affected younger generations. The articles at hand include studies from many different parts of the world. Some of the studies focus on which smartphone activities are the most addictive, while some of the articles focus on addiction as a whole and its impact on the users. Many of the works done on this subject focus on how addiction to these devices compares to a traditional substance abuse. While cellphones and smartphones have had many positive impacts, these improvements do not come without psychosocial hazards and addiction potential. Society places a premium on the ability to better communicate and utilize cellphone technology, but do they truly know what costs these benefits come with?

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