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2018 Christina M Cheledinas


This thesis presents a comprehensive analysis of workplace design and strategy solutions that have evolved over the last century. It will discuss the various factors which have prompted companies to take significant interest in the design and layout of their office space today. Additionally, this paper will discuss controversies over open office space design as well as the cubicle. I will further explore the possible direction corporate offices are headed in the future, and the prominent organizational trends that will reconstruct the way we understand the functions of the office and the buildings that house them. As the nature of work is evolving and people are spending more time in offices, it is vital that we find the best solutions to enhance their experiences and meet the physiological and psychological needs of the workforce.[1]This paper provides recommendations for improvement of office space and suggestions for combating past mistakes.

[1] "Psychology Of The Office Space." Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings. February 09, 2016. Accessed April 22, 2018.

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