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Stress is associated with a range of unhealthy eating habits. However, no previous studies have used experimental design to take an intergenerational perspective in the examination of how stress may influence parental feeding behavior, nor have they examined potential protective factors. The current study tests the effects of stress on maternal feeding behaviors and explores the potential protective role of maternal executive functioning (EF). We manipulated maternal stress with the Trier Social Stress Task (TSST) in a community sample mothers (N = 61, Mage = 33.45 years). We measured maternal EF with a series of computerized tasks. Maternal feeding behavior was observationally coded using standardized procedures. Results indicate a main effect of stress on controlling feeding styles. Furthermore, this effect of stress on controlling feeding behaviors is ameliorated among mothers with higher levels of EF. Results suggest potential factors to be considered in the treatment and prevention of diet-related illnesses.