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Katja Favretto

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With water scarcity becoming a more critical problem for the world, water disputes and their remediation are increasingly vital for nations today. In regions like the Middle East especially, one would not expect to see cooperation regarding resources looking at the state of affairs going on now. By discussing the Johnston Plan, a mediation process by an envoy of the U.S. between Israel and the Arab League, however, this paper describes how cooperation was achieved between states in the Jordan River basin regarding water usage. An in-depth analysis of cooperation and mediation aid in outlining how Johnston and the U.S. achieved a successful agreement for the region’s water development. Mediation, or third party intervention, is an elusive concept in literature, as it depends on the dimensions related to the conflict’s context, actors and mediator. Looking at the Johnston Plan, however, one discovers that Johnston achieved his de facto success due to the many components related to water disputes, the involved nations and the status of the United States.

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