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Using data from the 1979 cohort of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY97), I examine the impact of birth order on occupational outcomes within the managerial/professional field. I first assess the impact of birth order within the entire managerial/professional field in the United States and then decompose the field into male-dominated, female-dominated, and mixed gender occupations to provide a specific and nuanced analysis of birth order effects within the field. Finally, I also isolate the impact of birth order specifically within the STEM managerial/professional field, given recent and rising interest in STEM occupations. In general, I find limited evidence that birth order has a significant effect across the entire managerial/professional field, male-dominated, female-dominated, and STEM managerial/professional occupations and that first born children are more likely to be in managerial/professional occupations than later born children. However, on average, these effects disappear as additional demographic, education and family characteristic related controls are added.

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