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This paper explores the historical and contemporary situation of waterways in Los Angeles. It examines the birth and growth of metropolitan LA and contrasts this narrative with the current and pressing issues of drought and gentrification. This contrast raises the question of the sustainability of human growth in resource-scarce regions. From this analysis it forwards a nuanced perspective of the hypothesis that the dynamics of environmental degradation in the LA region threaten human growth. It suggests that this degradation comes as a result of egocentric human development projects by the elite. This paper examines all of this through the lens of a creative body of work. The body of work consists of a series of four large paintings. It discusses the artist’s inspiration and process of creation, as well as the influence of neo-expressionism and various contemporary artists on the work. It concludes with a consideration of where to go next with the series of paintings in order to address the issue of environmental degradation further.

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