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The Balanced Scorecard for the CrossFit Affiliate will provide unprepared or inexperienced managers with the necessary information to make informed operational decisions. The Balanced Scorecard incorporates financial data, customer satisfaction, internal operations, and future growth to create a series of cause-and-effect relationships that illustrate how decisions in one aspect of a business affect others. The Balanced Scorecard particularly benefits inexperienced managers leading small businesses. As overall small business growth increased, the boutique fitness industry expanded. The CrossFit brand rose in conjunction, but because corporate leaders insist on a hands-off licensing model, affiliate owners do not receive assistance from CrossFit corporate headquarters. In addition, the high frequency of affiliate owners without business education or management experience contributes to the likelihood of failure. Until CrossFit corporate actively guides its licensees, owners need a tool to promote business success. The Balanced Scorecard for the CrossFit Affiliate, comprised of data from one successful and four unsuccessful affiliates, will assist affiliate managers. Profitability, market share, retention, and the introduction of new services are the main drivers of the Balanced Scorecard and augment the analysis of relationships between the financial, customer, internal, and growth perspectives.