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Seo Young Park

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Dru Gladney

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This thesis explores Argentine migratory experiences in Barcelona, Spain. Paying specific attention to the cultural adjustments migrants have made upon arrival, it considers food choices, habits, and social tastes in order to gain insight into how identity is impacted upon migration. Given that Argentines form one of the biggest migrant communities in Barcelona, and that they hold various cultural and ethnic similarities to their Spanish counterparts, their experiences upon arrival present a particularly interesting topic of inquiry. Based on first-hand accounts, participatory observation, fieldwork, and media research, I argue that the nature of Argentine identity in Barcelona is fluid and situational; always subject to change, it is not fixed and cannot be categorized. While all migrants, to some extent, experience socio-cultural shifts, different situations may cause individuals to emphasize particular facets of their multifarious identity. Food habits both reflect and play a part in shaping these adjustments.