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Both mindfulness and authentic leadership base themselves on self-awareness. Authentic leadership has positively predicted organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), and mindfulness has been positively correlated to work engagement, which has shared positive relationships with OCB. Job demands (JD) have been shown to compromise work engagement. Using a sample of 134 MBA and undergraduate students, a longitudinal design evaluated the meditational role of authentic functioning (AF) between mindfulness and OCB and the moderating role of JD. Over the course of three months, three questionnaires were administered to measure mindfulness, AF, OCB, and JD. Despite the positive predictive relationship between mindfulness and AF, there was not a significant predictive relationship between AF and OCB or the predictor (i.e. mindfulness) and criterion (i.e. OCB) variables, so structural equation modeling could not reveal if AF mediates the relationship between mindfulness and OCB. These findings suggest that AF could be a characteristic mechanism of mindfulness that helps facilitate certain behaviors. Future practical implications could suggest the prosocial value of cultivating mindfulness and authentic leadership to promote overall organizational functioning.